Be A Member Of The 5% Club

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Were you able to SQUEEZE in some quality time to plan your goals and objectives during the past thirty days? If your answer is no, this lesson is really important. Because if you were not able to muster up the desire or devote the time and energy to do so, you have joined the ranks of about 95% of the population. It would be truly unfortunate if you are so busy meeting all your responsibilities in life, that you end up skimping on one of the most important responsibilities of all: mapping out your goals, in order to accomplish what really makes you happy in life!

There are scores of studies that have been conducted over the years, tracking the success of those that had clear-cut goals set throughout their lives. Studies indicate that goals can give one's life a new meaning. They can also drive people to learn new skills, and live more satisfying lives. Goals can push you and those around you to be more productive. They help promote a better attitude and make living a win-win situation for those you come in contact with.

You may not be surprised that the studies all end with the same conclusion. The 5% of the population that set goals in writing; who break down their objectives into little pieces; who carry out the actions necessary to achieve their objectives in writing; and live and dream about their goals each and every day will be handsomely rewarded by achieving most of what they set out to do. That same 5% of the population will reap the benefits of outperforming their counterparts in their industry; and be in the top 5% of earnings and skill level. These people command the respect of their competitors and their peers. They usually have more positive attitudes because they gain satisfaction in achieving their goals, and have more time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

At any moment in time, there are countless activities that could fill your free time-line. For instance you could read; go to the gym; watch TV; volunteer your time; sleep; or talk to your friends on the phone. The list of time fillers is unlimited. When one thing is chosen, all others must be sacrificed. Part of human nature is that we tend to choose the easiest, most convenient things to do. The harder stuff tends to get put on the back burner.

Goals are the PULL FROM THE FUTURE, that force you do the hard stuff in life. Let's say that Jill needs to lose some weight for health reasons. And let's say that to Jill, going to the gym is one of the harder things to do in life. Without a goal to go to the gym, Jill will tend to do the easier things. But once she sets the goal to go the gym, and commits to achieving it, the goal acts as a pull from the future to get the hard task completed. Let's study why her goal is so important.

To begin with, anything in life that is worthwhile is HARD to achieve. No matter what field you are in, if you want to make it into the top percentage of performers, it's very difficult. Before a Mother gives birth to her baby, she goes through tremendous pain. When a group of people in a geographical location want to gain and keep their freedoms, they go through tremendous hard times beforehand.

In other words, it is part of the setup of life that before you experience the fruits of labor, you must pay your dues. You have to struggle. You have to overcome what seem to be never-ending obstacles. You have to do things that are hard and often discouraging. To put it another way, you're not going to get there by ONLY doing the easy things in life.

Being that this is so challenging, you NEED something to pull you forward. You can't just go at things casually. Goals are just those things that provide the pull. When you're down and out; when you're facing obstacles; when it appears that you've reached the end of the road; let your goals pull you through. If you stick to them, they will.

So what should your goals be? Well, that's totally up to you. One thing is certain though; you have a unique set of talents and abilities that no one else has. You have the ability to do what no one else has ever done before. Whether you do so or not is YOUR choice. You are free to use or neglect your talents.

But one final word of advice: If you choose to make use your unique talents, not only will your goals PULL you, but your talents will PUSH you forward. It's the equivalent of strapping a jet pack onto your back. But if, on the other hand, you choose to neglect your talents, it's the equivalent of strapping a pinwheel onto your back.

Make your life into a masterpiece by using your unique skills to accomplish your biggest dreams! Be a Member Of The 5% Club today by devoting some precious time to plan what you really want to accomplish. Then execute your plan with PASSION!