Are You A Master Or Victim Of Change?

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Every day technology changes and progresses and seems to be shrinking the natural barriers that used to separate countries and cultures from each other. Every one of us knows that the world is continually changing around us. But only a few of us recognize the breakneck speed at which change is occurring. In this week's lesson, we will delve into the topic of whether you are leaning toward being a MASTER or a VICTIM of change, as we approach 2009.

Barring catastrophic events, continued growth in information, technology and competition worldwide is virtually unstoppable. Knowledge in every field is doubling every 2-3 years. Unlike the past when knowledge was only available to the rich and powerful, technology now makes knowledge available to anyone in the world with electricity, a computer and an internet connection. Google alone will be responsible for digitizing the libraries of the top universities around the world, which will include instant access to over 10 million books from your home computer. This initiative alone is a tremendous groundbreaking effort that will accelerate change in so many ways.

Are YOU taking advantage of the technologies that are available to you? Do you have a backup plan in case your job no longer exists in the near future? This is no longer a topic to possibly ponder. With 533,000 job losses in November 2008, it's become an absolute necessity to prepare and brace for change at a moment's notice.

Modern technology has made it so that goods and services are moved across the globe at lightning fast speed. The ability to communicate and trade with people all over the world obsoletes products and services that are no longer demanded by consumers. Does your job have a chance at becoming obsolete? Chances are good that in the next 1-5 years it just might!

But don't look at this as a bad thing. You must remember that we live in a world with SCARCE resources. And those resources have to be employed where they are demanded by consumers the most. What would the world look like if horse-and-buggies never became obsolete? Would you rather have a car or a horse-driven carriage?

When automobiles made the horse-and-buggy obsolete, all of the assets and materials from the horse-and-buggy industry were sold off to other industries that produced goods that were in higher demand by consumers. Remember: We live in a world with SCARCE resources, not infinite resources. Ironically, today those powerful car companies that made horse and buggies obsolete must now re-invent themselves, to keep people buying their automobiles.

The same process occurs today as in the horse-and-buggy days, only at a MUCH FASTER pace. Gone are the days when the majority of people would work 40-50 years for the same company. Any company that survives that long in modern times deserves great praise, for they had to constantly remain at the forefront in satisfying the desires of their clients. They had to withstand new competitors who produce products better, faster and cheaper. They had to always keep improving, cutting unnecessary costs, and becoming quicker at providing their goods or services.

How about YOU? Are your skills improving on a daily basis that will make you more valuable in the marketplace tomorrow and next year? Victims of change wait until they get laid off from their job before they begin preparing for something new. Masters of change prepare well in advance and anticipate the education and skills they will need, to be relevant and more valuable next month, next year, and two years from now.

The choices that you make each day will determine how you will fare in the future. Will you be a Master of Change or a Victim of Change? Will you be the Creator of Circumstances or a Creature of Circumstances? Will you ride the wave and stay ahead of the curve, or be bowled over by it and left in its wake.

Success comes when you make choices that are in alignment with written goals that improve yourself, your company, and your relationships with customers and family members. Failure results from decisions that come from the gut only because you have no plans or goals to align your decisions with.

Don't take anything for granted, especially your health, your livelihood, and your relationships. Invest the time necessary to create a map for your future TODAY. We are about to turn the calendar once again and 2009 is a great time to insure that you move in the direction to becoming a Master of Change. There's is a bright future ahead for those with an exciting plan, who can then execute it with discipline.