Worry Less And Enjoy More

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Many individuals unfortunately SPEND a significant portion of their life in a state of worry. Constant worry is equivalent to approaching life's challenges with handcuffs on. Too often, these shackles drain your enthusiasm and energy, and cause negative fears and anxieties that can be avoided. In this week's lesson, we are going to discuss some ways to enable us to WORRY Less and Enjoy More.

This lesson was inspired by the catch phrase used repeatedly by a comedian named "Larry the Cable Guy" whom I recently watched on a TV show. Larry stars in "Blue Collar TV," a sketch comedy series which premiered on The WB network and is now syndicated on Comedy Central. During his act, Larry discusses in "explicit detail" all the problems we mortals face. His simple solution to all of them is "Git-R-Done!" This catch phrase is very similar to the popular phrase "Just-Do-It" used successfully by Nike for years. Now it's time to explain how these simple phrases can help us to worry less.

I believe that most of what individuals worry about originates from three simple sources. The first is they fear the unknown and worry about it. Second, people procrastinate and put off what NEEDS to be done to the last minute, worrying all along the way. And third, people just CAN'T bring themselves to DO what HAS TO BE DONE and worry about facing the consequences. Individually, or in combination, these sources for worrying can be debilitating. Let's discuss each source individually and see how we can worry less.

To function as a responsible individual in a complex society, we cannot live in the unknown. We need to gather knowledge to face our challenges, and ignorance is neither a valid excuse for negligence nor is it a reason to worry. If you need to obtain knowledge to avoid the unknown, in order to avoid worrying, then "Git-R-Done!" Don't spend your time worrying. Invest your time seeking the information you need. As an example, when individuals are diagnosed with a disease, some will worry about it and become disabled mentally and physically, while others will seek knowledge and solutions. Which makes more sense?

Second on our list is that pesky habit of procrastination. Waiting until the last minute to do what has to be done, seems like a behavior that's hardwired into people's mentality. This is perhaps the greatest source of worry in most people's lives. If you procrastinate every day, you will worry every day. You will also cause more havoc in your life by setting yourself up for chains of events that could have been avoided. For instance, by procrastinating and not leaving early for appointments every day, you will find yourself involved in more car accidents, as you race through the crowded roadways to avoid being late all the time. By rushing constantly, you may add your to list of worries - the possibilities of a broken car or some broken bones, which occurred as a result of procrastination. Instead of waiting and procrastinating, just "Git-R-Done!" Don't wait until the last minute to get started and then pay the consequences of worry, stress and anxieties. Become more systematic and get recurring responsibilities handled way before they are due. This will remove lots of worry from your life and can add lots of fun and satisfaction.

And third, don't worry yourself into inaction. It's bad enough when you do things at the last minute or even late. It's even worse if you get into the habit of not facing your responsibilities at all. Your worrying gets compounded exponentially in this case. Not only will a person worry about the consequences and shame that they will face as a result of not living up to their responsibilities, but they will worry the they must be sick, abnormal, or even mentally incapable of performing.

Face those small fears head on. Too many people talk themselves out of doing what they know needs to be done. It's like driving through life with your foot constantly on the brakes. You will worry about what people think of you and develop a low self esteem. Get support from those who love you and don't avoid your responsibilities. Once gain, take Larry's advice. "Git-R-Done!"

As you can see, worry can be toned down substantially in your life. It's human to worry and we all sweat the small stuff more than we should. But action and subsequently momentum are two ways to combat worry head on. Don't be a spectator, watching your life go by. Don't sit around and worry. Don't have regrets for what you missed in life. Instead plan, act and suit up to perform in the arena of life and have lots of fun doing so. When you are out there performing, many of your worries will melt away like snow in the sunshine. Make it a priority to Worry Less and Enjoy More! Just "Git-R-Done!"

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