Why Can't The Honeymoon Last?

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This lesson was inspired by a one hour TV special I happened to watch this past week on the Discovery Channel, in glorious High Definition. It was produced in conjunction with the Travel Channel and was titled "Great Honeymoons!" The host of the show traveled around the globe, to report on the most beautiful and expensive Honeymoon destinations - from Niagara Falls USA to Paris, Venice, Hawaii and others. While the scenery and accommodations reported on were absolutely beautiful and incredible in every way, the body language, caring, and loving behavior of the honeymoon participants in each segment made the most impression on Me.

Since the places that these newlyweds traveled to were extremely expensive in most cases, the couples who participated in the segments were not the twenty-something couples that were just starting out in life. Instead the newlywed participants appeared to be in the 30-50 age brackets that were financially able to afford these pricey honeymoon destinations. At the conclusion of the show, I couldn't help but wonder how many of the participants were celebrating their second honeymoon and possibly enjoying it even more than their first?

Wedding days and subsequent honeymoons that follow these magical days are perhaps the most planned events in one's life. Most times a year or more of constant planning goes into making sure that one's wedding day and subsequent travel plans for the honeymoon occur flawlessly. With the exception of a possible weather mishap, just about every i is dotted and every t is crossed to make sure that any possibility of a glitch is absolutely avoided. There are professionals who get paid dearly, to help newlyweds fulfill their dreams. And if you can afford these professionals, they know how to spend your money and make your dreams come true.

So why can't the honeymoon last? The couples who participated in this TV special appeared as madly in love as any two individuals can be. After watching the entire show, one would have to conclude that during this week, these lovebirds would do absolutely anything for their new bride or groom. With such a magical start in a loving relationship, what could possibly go wrong so fast in so many relationships that start out like a week long fantasy in dreamland?

One of the final destinations on this TV special was filmed in Venice Italy at the Hotel Cipriani. The couple stayed in the Palladio Suite which looked like a glass capsule suspended in mid-air above the Venetian Lagoon. There was a 180 degree view with floor to ceiling windows. The decor of this suite, the amenities of the hotel and the overall beauty surrounding this destination would be difficult to duplicate anywhere in the world. According to this hotels website, the nightly rate for a one bedroom Palladio Suite is 7000 Euros or $9182 per night. Thus a seven night stay would cost around $65,000. Oh I must mention that daily breakfast, service and taxes are included in this price. This same couple flew in on a private jet that cost $10,000 per person. Add lunches; dinners; entertainment; excursions; and the other activities to make this week long magical dream come true and this couple shelled out well above $100,000 for this dreamy honeymoon. I think anyone would agree that this is a nice way to kick off a relationship.

If only those loving, caring days could last! Can it be that relationships start off so magical and so incredible that there is only one direction for the expectations to go...which is down? Maybe individuals should start off with a little less extravagance on their honeymoon and use the same resources to plan shorter quarterly mini-getaways for the first five years or maybe even for the rest of their marriage. Perhaps by doing so, couples can look forward to lots of mini-honeymoons throughout their marriage and while they are at it, keep repeating their vows to each other at each quarterly getaway.

Marriages and relationships need to stay as fresh as the cut of fish you buy at your local food market. More individuals need to invest more time being creative by making a conscious effort OFTEN to breathe new life into their relationships. Participants should never feel as though they are trapped in a relationship as they continually bark at each other on a daily basis. It takes lots of listening, meaningful communication, mutual respect and constant effort to keep a relationship both fresh and strong. Add lots of less expensive romantic getaways, and constant attention to your wedding vows and I believe you can have a fighting chance at a long-lasting loving relationship. No other person or anything in the world should ever be more important than your lover and partner in life.

With the right plan in place from the very beginning, perhaps the "HONEYMOON CAN LAST!" It's worth a try!