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Our Podcasts are a FREE and easy way to Listen and learn from the content of Learning Life's Lessons. 80 of the 232 Lessons are available on Podcasts below. You will find a wide variety of topics that were produced on Podcast between 8/22/04 and 9/17/06. Time restraints forced stopping at Lesson 110.

We learned that once we started recording Podcasts, they became extremely popular on the internet all around the world. Because our content deals with topics about family, relationships, and building a better life for oneself and their loved ones, our Podcasts were more popular outside the United States, where people are desperately searching for a better life. As an example of the geographic downloads of our Podcasts, of the top three cities downloading in Oct 2011, Beijing had 31,704 downloads verses New York with 3738 and Chicago with 2150. To me this speaks volumes about how individuals invest their time. You can invest it on fun and games or learning how to improve your life. By October 2012 the top three cities for downloads were Beijing with 85,254 with Seattle in second with 5185 and Ft Worth Texas with 3120. New York, our largest city dropped way down the list to just 1687 during this month.

My point of discussing our statistics which is this very small sampling of Podcasts available FREE around the world, displays that people in other countries seem to have a greater thirst to learn and we should all take notice of this very simple example. To stay competitive as a country that competes with the world for jobs and economic growth, we need to invest more time learning and improving knowledge our skills and less time playing games and entertaining ourselves. Invest your precious time wisely!

Our Top 6 Most Listened to Podcasts are:

  1. A Perspective on Fatherhood # 44

  2. Fix Small Problems Quickly # 54

  3. The Most Important Clients # 58

  4. Lifelong Learning Is Essential # 60

  5. Want Your Customers to Love You # 108

  6. Following Up Reaps Rewards # 67

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73 Where Dishonesty Can Lead Us 74 Living Each Day With Purpose 75 The Work Ethic 76 Avoiding Misinterpretations 77 Super Bowl And Our Culture 78 Start A Lifetime Word Course 79 Silence Is Golden Rules 80 A Perspective On Timelines 81 Invest In What You Know 82 Setting Priorities Is A Skill 83 The Power Of Prevention 84 Finding Relevance When You Retire 85 Benefit From Daylight Saving 86 Strive For What You Become 87 Choosing Price Or Quality 88 Understanding Your Inflation 89 Pursuing A Brighter Future 90 Creating Value And Wealth
91 The Ultimate Professional 92 Always Do Your Best 93 Choose Your Friends Wisely 94 Thoughts For The Class Of 2006 95 The Long Road To Showtime 96 In Memory Of James Rossini 97 Benefits Of Being A Contrarian 98 Innovate And Specialize Now! 99 Invest Your Energy Wisely! 100 A Hundred Weeks & Counting! 101 Developing A Sense Of Urgency 102 Does Fidelity Really Matter? 103 Does Brand Loyalty Still Matter? 105 The Reality Of Competition 106 Why The Best Seek Education 107 Spend And Borrow Money Wisely 108 Want Your Clients To Love You? 109 Brainstorming Really Works